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Lakeland Women's Health Center
4444 S. Florida Avenue
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(800) 733-7541
(863) 644-7541

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You will meet with our patient educator who will go over the abortion procedure, explain how to take care of yourself afterwards and answer any questions you may have about your visit here today. This is the time to talk about your decision to terminate the pregnancy and any concerns you may have emotionally. Legally, we must obtain your written consent for the abortion. An abortion will not be performed on any woman if she does not want one, regardless of age.

Most women are anxious to determine whether they are pregnant or not - as quickly as possible. At, our offices offer pregnancy testing whenever we are open. No appointment is necessary.

Most test results are available within 15 minutes and our counseling staff is readily available to discuss your test results with you after the test is completed.

Routine Pregnancy Test - Our routine urine pregnancy test is accurate 14 days after a missed period.

Early Detection Test - For a nominal fee, we provide an early detection urine test that is reliable and accurate 10 days after conception, often before a missed period.

If indicated, we will perform a sonogram to determine the length of your pregnancy. A sonogram is a test which uses sound waves to see the pelvic structures. It is not an X-ray and there is no radiation. A sonogram is done while you lie down and a gel solution is applied to your abdomen. There is little or no discomfort while the sonogram is being performed.

A sonogram is considered the most reliable method of assessing the length of pregnancy.

Following the abortion, you will be observed for a brief recovery period with the recovery area staff. You will probably have some cramps and bleeding at this time. Cramps are expected as the uterus must return to its normal size after the pregnancy has been removed. The recovery staff will give you some medication for pain and monitor how you are feeling.

Feel free to call if you have any questions that you would like to discuss. We encourage you to visit our facilities and meet with our staff. Please call if you need directions and to make an appointment.

Abortion Clinic

Lakeland Women's Health Center, Inc.
4444 S. Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33813
(800) 733-7541 & (863) 644-7541


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